Cornwall Family Photography: Capturing Timeless Moments

Nestled in the southwestern corner of England, Cornwall offers an idyllic backdrop for family photography, with its dramatic coastline, picturesque villages, and lush countryside. For families looking to capture their moments against this stunning scenery, understanding the essence of a memorable family photo shoot is crucial. 

Explore how Scarlett Photography can help you to make the most of Cornwall’s unique landscapes and create cherished family memories.

  • Why work with Scarlett Photography?

I am a professional photographer who specialises in photography that is natural yet creative, unposed but still memorable & fun, and who knows Cornwall like the back of my hand.

Experience like this can be truly invaluable for many shoots and I will provide guidance on all of the above points and more. As an experienced photographer, I like to think that I can suggest many of the best local spots and the optimal times for shooting, as well as how to capture the dynamics of a family while making everyone feel at ease.

Before the shoot, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your vision and expectations to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. Talk about your favourite Cornwall locations, any particular themes or props you might like to include, and the overall tone and style of the photographs you are aiming for. This collaboration will help guarantee that the final images reflect your family’s personality and the essence of Cornwall.

Family at Beach
  • Choosing the Perfect Location

Cornwall’s diverse landscape provides a plethora of options for family photos. Whether it’s the rugged cliffs of the north coast, the serene beaches of the south, or the mystical moorlands of the interior, there is a perfect spot for every family. Popular locations like St Ives, with its beautiful beaches and vibrant arts scene, and Padstow, known for its quaint harbour and culinary delights, offer picturesque settings that are both visually appealing and fun for the whole family.

Don’t forget to consider other backdrops, there are some great shots to be had whilst following a family who are enjoying some time in the woodlands or the grasslands. So for those families that enjoy being in the woods or the moors, be sure to bear in mind Cornwall’s diverse green areas.

When selecting a location, consider the interests and ages of all family members. It’s also worth considering the time of year and the natural elements that each season brings to Cornwall’s landscapes, from the lush greenery of spring to the golden tones of autumn.

Family in Moors
  • Timing is Everything

Lighting can dramatically affect the mood and quality of photographs. For outdoor shoots, the golden hours—shortly after sunrise or before sunset—provide soft, diffused light that flatters the subjects and enhances the natural beauty of the surroundings. Scheduling a photo session during these times can also help avoid the harsh midday sun, which can cause squinting and unflattering shadows.

Don’t forget to consider the seasons you visit in Cornwall. The region can be quite busy during the peak tourist seasons of summer and school holidays. Opting for a quieter time can mean fewer crowds and a more relaxed atmosphere, allowing the family to enjoy their photo session without rush or interruption.

Fortunately, I have a selection of different packages available to you to best suit what you are looking for. With dedicated two hour sessions, half day adventures in either the morning or afternoon, and entire day trip packages you can decide whatever works for you.

  • What Should you Wear

Clothing choices can greatly influence the look and feel of your family photos. Try to avoid  stiff, matching outfits—think coordinated but comfy. 

Coordinating outfits without exactly matching can create a cohesive look that still allows individual personalities to shine through. Natural fabrics in solid colours or subtle patterns tend to work best, complementing Cornwall’s outdoor settings without competing with them. Think blues and greens that echo the sea, or earthy tones that blend with the moors. And remember, layers are not only chic but practical for the ever-changing Cornish weather!

Remember, comfort is key, especially for children. Choose outfits that are suitable for the weather and location, and ensure everyone is comfortable enough to move around and pose naturally. Well-chosen accessories like hats, scarves, or even wellies can add a fun element to the photos while being practical for the Cornish weather, and why not let the kids pick their favourites—it might just help them enjoy the shoot a bit more!

  • Embracing the Moment

While it’s important to plan your family photo session, it’s equally important to stay flexible and spontaneous. Let the children play and interact naturally with their environment. These genuine moments often make for the most heartfelt and memorable photographs. Allow the session to unfold naturally, and trust that I will capture the candid moments that truly reflect your family’s spirit.

Lastly, remember that family photography is not just about creating perfect images but also about making memories together in Cornwall’s magical setting. Enjoy the process and the special time spent with loved ones in one of the UK’s most beautiful regions.

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Cornwall offers a stunning canvas for family photography, rich with natural beauty and diverse landscapes. By choosing the right location and time, coordinating outfits thoughtfully, and by staying natural and organic, your family can enjoy not only beautiful photographs but also a memorable experience.

I am now taking bookings for 2024/2025! I typically cover Cornwall and Devon, however I do love to travel and always get excited about photographing at new locations. 

Wherever you are and whatever you have planned I would love to hear from you, simply use our online contact form, email via scarlettalastair@gmail.com or call on 07970 366932.

These images will serve as timeless mementos of your family’s bond and the enchanting days spent in Cornwall.

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