Family beach photo shoot in Bude

Take home happy memories of your family?

Sand between your toes?

Cornwall has the best beaches in the world – fact! A family photography session at the beach is where memories are made, whether it’s leaping from the dunes, building castles, exploring the rock pools, jumping the waves or walking your dog. Family photography within this beautiful environment is such a natural way to capture the fun of a family day by the sea.

Cornwall has over 250 miles of coastline, there are beaches to satisfy every beach lover, from the dramatic north coast with the Atlantic rollers which have carved the cliffs over centuries of storms to the quieter seaside towns and estuaries of the south.

We have some of the largest tides in the world, low spring tides expose hundreds of ‘secret’ beaches and coves for short periods giving us the opportunity of simply stunning locations for your family photography.

Family photography at Duckpool bay

Woodland Adventures?

There’s nothing I love more than photographing a family enjoying the outdoors together. Hide and seek, jumping in muddy puddles, running, laughing, playing with sticks or just being together! If your family love the woods, then what a better gift, capturing the true personalities of your family unit out of the traditional studio and immersed into more familiar surroundings. Wellies, brollies, hats, gloves. The weather doesn’t stop play here!

Cornwall has a surprising diverse woodland, Areas of ancient wildwood and modern managed woodland, plantations, mixed woodland, broad-leaved woodland, ancient woods of coppiced oak and hazel, even a clifftop forest of dwarf oak trees, all are found in Cornwall. It is easy to be overshadowed by our coastline but still provides welcome shelter and an abundance of wildlife. 

As a stark contrast, we also have Bodmin moor!

Family photography in the woods

Invite me out to join you and your family for a mini adventure in Cornwall, Do you have a favourite spot? I absolutely love outdoor photography – getting right in amongst nature, whether it be spring, summer, autumn, or winter each season here is special and varied.

Often we book family photoshoots well in advance to coincide with your holiday in Cornwall. It is essential to set a date so we can have a time and date set in our diaries. However, the very nature of a photoshoot in Cornwall is the unpredictable weather. \

To make things easier we need to be a little flexible. I will get in touch 5-7 days before the shoot to discuss any potential last minute changes. Some times the day before or after will provide more favourable conditions and sometimes we may need to change locations to seek more shelter.

It’s a huge advantage hiring me as a local photographer as I will always have a plan B up my sleeve. I can provide you and your family with not only some memorable photographs but often introduce you to somewhere a little of the beaten track.

Amy's Testimonial

Hi Alastair, Thanks so much for sending the photos to us so quickly. We thoroughly enjoyed yesterday morning. The photos are brilliant – Mum is absolutely thrilled! She wanted to pass on her thanks. Hope you’ve enjoyed the rest of your weekend. Many thanks again, Amy

Amy Elwell

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