School Open Day Video Production

A virtual school open day video production is the perfect way to showcase your school to prospective parents through entertaining, engaging and educational imagery

School Open Day Video Production

Our School Open Day Video Production aims to give your prospective parents a true-to-life tour of your school. In the current climate we believe this is the best alternative to the real thing. One of the many advantages to a virtual open day is parents and students are free to watch your tour in their own time on their preferred devices. Video content is fast becoming the ‘norm’ and you will get more eyes on your carefully tailored video than you could possibly get on a traditional open day.

With over 20 years in the teaching profession, our team understands the needs of your school and will bring to the table their experience and ideas to bring your video production into conversation with your prospective parents. 

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What does a school open day video production involve?

  • Initially we will have a face-to-face meeting discussing the content you require, the ethos and values of the school and pick out what makes your school different to others.
  • Secondly, we will gather as much content as we can prior to the shoot, including your branding guidelines, school logos, teachers’ names and positions and existing footage you may want to add into the production.
  • The filming – we understand that the education system is overstretched and time is precious. So we work to be as unobtrusive as possible. Liasing with one member of staff we will typically spend the first day picking up on the main story, interview with the head teacher, head of departments and any students who can add to the story of the school. The second day we will pick up on any content missing from the first day and capture the all important b-roll to weave into the production.
  • Finally we will deliver your video within the timeline discussed in the initial meeting. This tends to be 2 weeks from the initial filming.

Your video doesn’t have to be one single promotional video – we can also create a series of videos focused on different areas, for example:

  • School transitions (primary to secondary)
  • School departments
  • School trips
  • Teacher profiles
  • Pupils’ stories
  • Lessons and demonstrations
  • Events
  • News

The video project is entirely bespoke, incorporating school branding and logos, showcasing the characters, facilities and ethos that makes your school stand out.

What is the cost of a school open day video production?

The cost is determined by what the video will include and the time this will take to film and edit. For a single video, requiring a two-day shoot, the cost starts from £1,400.

This includes 2 cameramen, motion graphics, video production, editing and delivery of your finished video.  We have additional services available that could enhance your video with stunning aerial videography and underwater filming. This can all be discussed and agreed on at the initial meeting.

Newquay Junior Academy Welcome Year 3's

Due to the Covid restrictions, Newquay Junior Academy asked us to produce a promotional open day video for the new year 3’s.

Take a tour of the facilities, meet the staff and enjoy what Newquay Junior Academy has to offer. 

Newquay Primary Academy Promotional Video

Newquay Primary Academy is a new school opening in September 2021. After liaising with the marketing team we put this short video together to accompany their presentation to perspective parents at Newquay’s Lighthouse Cinema. 

Newquay Junior Academy perform "Forever Young" in aid of Newquay's Food bank

Due to the Covid restrictions, Newquay Junior Academy asked us to produce a virtual Christmas concert in aid of Newquay food bank

The aim was to get the 500+ pupils to feature in a 3-minute song! Challenge excepted…

Other promotional video examples.

As well as school open day video productions we also make other content you may need to promote, showcase or inform parents and colleagues about your school. This includes graphic content for print and web, photography, signage clothing etc. 

We are helping a large variety of businesses to showcase their unique selling points and give the viewer a taste of what it is like to be a part of your organisation.

Let us help provide you with the perfect school open day video production package.