Personal Branding Photography in Cornwall

What is Personal Branding Photography?

We’ve all heard the saying A picture is worth a thousand words – personal branding photography is exactly that! Together we will work on producing a set of images that will help your clients visualise your business, get a feel for your personality and sense the environment you work in. The personal branding photography in Cornwall packages I offer are perfect for small to medium sized businesses, especially ones looking to freshen up and elevate their web, print and social branding.

Personal branding photography in Cornwall will tell your clients a story by visually inviting them into your workspace, watch you interact with other clients and see you working with your products or services. They will be able to put a face to the name with a flattering headshot.

I had so much fun yesterday! Thank you for being so easy and flexible! I can't believe we covered so much!
Personal Branding Key Photographs​
Taru Tuomi
Spiritual Life Coach

Is Personal Branding Photography in Cornwall for Me?

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and stand out from the crowd, personal branding photography in Cornwall is definitely for you! People buy from people they know, like and trust.

Your social media channels are fast-paced windows into your business and having quality engaging images help to build that trust. Your website should reflect exactly what you want to sell and be directed toward your ideal clients.

We will have a detailed discussion to pinpoint what photographs will authentically portray not only what you do but the energy and passion you have behind the scenes. Personal branding photography in Cornwall is tailored towards your goals, helping businesses and entrepreneurs build their brand with engaging, creative photography for social and web-based media.

We had 6 models over 3 days to help promote my line of Yoga Leggs. We had a mix of indoor and outdoor locations and Al approached each with ease and professionalism. The quality of the photographs were beyond what we expected which helped me sell a lot of my chosen designs on the lead up to Christmas!
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Louise Nield
Yoga leggs

OK, I'm In! - What should I do next?

Book a shoot and I’ll take it from there! To get the most from a personal branding photo-shoot I need to get to know you and your business. With the help of a questionnaire between us we can establish any gaps in your brand and any areas which need a fresh makeover! Are you looking for a new headshot or do you need to freshen up your entire website and social presence? Is it for yourself or a 50 strong team? Do you have an event coming up which would benefit from a professional photoshoot and help elevate your brand? Once we have established these gaps we can move onto photographing your 4 personal branding key photographs.

4 Personal Branding Key Photographs

Once we have a clear understanding for the end use of each key photograph we can tailor it for print, social media or web use. This could be in the form of a banner, magazine article or simply an Instagram post.

Packages start from as little as £350

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Al Scarlett

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