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Why Choose Scarlett Photography for Your Summer Wedding in Padstow

When it comes to capturing the magic of your summer wedding day, choosing the right photographer is crucial. For couples getting married in Padstow, Cornwall, Scarlett Photography stands out as the premier choice.

With a unique blend of natural artistry, professionalism, and local knowledge, I ensure that every precious moment of your special day is immortalised in the most beautiful and authentic way, perfectly encapsulating the warmth and vibrancy of summer.

A Passion for Photography from an Early Age

The journey of Scarlett Photography began when I was just ten years old. A teacher lent me an old SLR camera, and I was introduced to the enchanting process of developing film in a darkroom.

This early exposure ignited a lifelong passion for photography. Growing up in Surrey but holidaying on the stunning beaches of South America, Portugal, and Spain, I developed a deep love for the sea and coastal landscapes, a love that eventually drew me to settle in Cornwall.

Why Couples Choose Scarlett Photography

–       Natural, Relaxed, and Unposed Style

Scarlett Photography is renowned for its natural, relaxed, and unposed style. My approach is to blend into the background, capturing candid moments that reflect the true emotions and atmosphere of your summer wedding day.

This unobtrusive style allows couples to enjoy their day without feeling like they are constantly posing for the camera. However, I know when to step in and provide direction to ensure that all key moments are beautifully captured, with the golden summer light adding a magical touch to every photo.

–       Fun and Relaxed Atmosphere

One of the primary reasons couples choose Scarlett Photography is for the fun and relaxed atmosphere I bring to the day. Summer weddings are all about joy, laughter, and celebration, however they can be stressful, so having a photographer who fits your vibe and makes you feel at ease is invaluable.

My friendly and easygoing nature helps couples relax, resulting in more genuine and joyful photographs. When you are relaxed and having fun, it shines through in your pictures, making them even more special.

–       Efficient Organisation of Group and Couple Shoots

I understand that your wedding day is a time to celebrate with friends and family, not to spend hours on end posing for photographs. I am highly efficient in organising group and couple shoots, ensuring that you get stunning pictures without missing out on the fun. My ability to quickly and smoothly arrange these shoots means you can maximise your time enjoying the sunshine and festivities with your loved ones while still getting the perfect shots.

–       Timeless Editing Style

My editing style is timeless, focusing on natural colours that will not look out of place in years to come. I avoid trendy filters and gimmicks, opting instead for a classic look that highlights the true beauty of the moment. This approach ensures that your wedding photos remain beautiful and relevant, no matter how much time passes.

A Life by the Sea

Now based in Cornwall, I live with my wife Heather and our two daughters, Bella and Holly. Our family shares a love for the coast, often spending our free time walking the cliffs, surfing, diving, or out on our boat searching for wildlife.

This intimate connection with the coastal environment of Cornwall deeply influences my photography, infusing my work with a genuine appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us, especially during the vibrant summer months.

Capturing the Essence of Your Summer Wedding

Choose Scarlett Photography for your summer wedding in Padstow to capture your cherished moments. My dedication ensures your memories are preserved timelessly and authentically. Let Scarlett Photography reflect the magic of your special day.

If you’re planning a wedding in Padstow or the surrounding areas, and you want a photographer who will capture your day with artistry, professionalism, and a personal touch, look no further than Scarlett Photography.

With years of experience, a passion for the craft, and a deep love for the Cornish coast, I am the perfect choice to document your wedding day.

I am now taking bookings for 2024/2025! I typically cover Cornwall and Devon, however I do love to travel and always get excited about photographing at new locations.

Wherever you are and whatever you have planned I would love to hear from you, simply use our online contact form, email via scarlettalastair@gmail.com or call on 07970 366932.

To start the journey towards beautiful, timeless wedding photos, book a consultation with me today. During this initial meeting, we can discuss your vision for the day, ask any questions, and get a feel for my style and approach.

–       Connect on Social Media

Stay updated with my latest projects and see more examples of my beautiful work by following Scarlett Photography on social media. This is a great way to get inspiration for your own wedding and to see how my unique style brings out the best in every couple I photograph.

Let Scarlett Photography turn your wedding moments into lasting treasures, perfectly reflecting the magic of your summer celebration.

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