The Big Picture!

 “The idea is they walk past, bit of a wow factor, making them think about the big picture.”

The Science department at Brannel School in Cornwall brightened up their corridors last month with a huge 6.65 x 2.75 meter photograph of my lunging humpback whales.

brannel school

All the secondary schools in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have signed up to The Green Charter, embedding a strategy to raise awareness of the eco agenda. One of the aims for students is to be more outward focused to look at really big picture agendas. I am thrilled they chose my lunging whales which I had witnessed only months before in Monterey Bay, California.


The success of the humpback whale population is such fantastic news and with recent sightings around Cornwall and Devon I can only hope that scenes like this could be regular around our shores.

I had to go and see it myself, meeting with their business and enterprise manager Elizabeth Fletcher I soon learnt the importance of imagery like this was not just about raising eco awareness but is there also to inspire the children to explore careers that perhaps they hadn’t even thought about before.


A quick tour revealed other huge inspirational wallpaper graphics in other departments, it was encouraging to see how the school corridor and wallspaces have evolved since my day, The idea of 750+ pupils viewing the whales every school day is mind blowing. I can only hope it inspires any one of them to get out experience these wonders reinforce their duty in protecting them and perhaps seek a career in working alongside them.

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