Watergate Bay Proposal

Guillaume’s Beautiful Watergate Bay Proposal to Margaux

"Hi Al, Margaux and I, now back in the bustling city of London, just wanted to drop you a line. The euphoria of our Watergate Bay proposal hasn't quite faded yet, and your photos - well, they only served to rocket us right back into those unforgettable moments. When we opened your message and saw the stunning photos you selected, the emotions of the day came flooding back in a powerful wave. You managed to capture so much more than our faces - you captured our spirits, our connection, and the shared joy of that special day. These aren't mere photographs to us; they are fragments of our love story we're eager to share with our friends and family. And we can't help but be excited for the rest of the collection. The kindness and patience you displayed, Al, during the entire process leading up to this one-time life event, was not only appreciated but truly comforting. Amidst the emotions, the nervous excitement, and the pressure to make everything perfect, your steady and reassuring presence was the calm in our storm. Al, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for adding your magic to our special day, for being part of our story. We are eternally grateful and will remember your contributions fondly as we reminisce about our proposal in the years to come. Until our paths cross again, we're sending our heartfelt thanks and warmest regards from London. With much appreciation, Guillaume & Margaux"
Newley engaged couple at Watergate Bay embrace and look out to Sea, showing off their engagement ring
Guillaume & Margaux
Engagement Shoot

Guillaumes beautiful watergate bay proposal

A black and white photo of a couple embracing after accepting a wedding proposal at Watergate Bay with the cliffs and waves in the background.

Guillaume had organised a last minute trip to Newquay with Margaux, staying at the Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa on Pentire. He was looking for somewhere nearby for the ideal location to propose. Although Fistral would have been a great choice, we decided on a Watergate Bay proposal as it would be quieter at the north side. It also had The Beach Hut perfectly located overlooking the beach for a romantic meal beforehand.

We conversed a number of times as we had to keep tweaking the plans to keep up with the ever-changing weather. With a dry window and the potential for a sunset it was settled for 7.30pm on Saturday 1st of July.

Guillaumme confessed he didn’t take good pictures and as a couple it’s not something they had done before. Challenge excepted! 

Guillaume sent me a discreet text as they were about to leave the restaurant, giving me the signal that they were approaching our pre-arranged spot. I hid in plain site and pretended to focus my camera on some evening surfers.

I watched as Guillaume asked Margaux to turn around so he could take a photo with his phone of her looking out at the Atlantic. Little did she know that this seemingly ordinary moment was about to be transformed into something extraordinary. In one swift motion, Guillaume dropped to one knee and revealed an exquisite ring, his heart brimming with anticipation. I continued to capture the moment, my own emotions welling up as Margaux, in a state of disbelief, accepted his proposal. 

A perfect day for Guillaume's Watergate Bay proposal

Following this magical moment, I appeared and introduced myself to the couple. We had a long chat and walked up to one of my favourite spots for a mini shoot. 

Remember how I said they weren’t comfortable having their photograph taken? Well they were amazing! Their undeniable chemistry and connection took over, making the experience truly enjoyable.

black and white image of happy couple with fist in the air after successful proposal at Watergate Bay near Newquay

As the sun began its descent, casting a warm glow over the bay, we continued to chat and brainstorm new photo ideas. The genuine affection shared between Margaux and Guillaume was infectious and the session was more like taking photographs of some friends.

Dance like no one's watching

Watergate Bay Proposal

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