a display of brightly coloured framed Newquay family photographs

Free Family Photoshoot


Starting this Sunday (6th December) we have a limited number of slots for a free 30-minute family photoshoot here in Newquay.

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Available time slots.

Sunday 6th December Available
10.00 am BOOKED
10:30 am
11.00 am
11.30 am
12.00 pm BOOKED
2.00 pm BOOKED
2.30 pm
3.00 pm BOOKED
3.30 pm BOOKED

4 steps for a STRESS FREE photo session with your kids.

As any parent knows, making sure your kids cooperate and behave for hours at a time is no easy task! Family photo sessions can seem a bit daunting. But with some preparation and a lot of patience, your family photo session can be an enjoyable experience for the entire family. Here’s how you can make sure your photo session is stress-free.

prep your kids in advance

Tell your kids about the photoshoot well ahead of time. Tell them what to expect. Let them know how much you’re looking forward to it and why your family is doing it. If you’re excited, they’ll definitely catch your enthusiasm!

let them be involved

Include your children in the planning process. Ask them what colours they think the family should wear. Help them pick out an outfit. When children feel involved, they’re much more willing to participate.

Bring Backup

Make sure you’re well prepared for photoshoot day. Bring along a change of clothes, plenty of snacks, water, wet-wipes, etc. That way, even if the unexpected happens, you’ll be ready for it!


Make photoshoot day a special occasion! Bring along snacks and toys to keep their energy up. Plan on doing something fun after the session so they look forward to the outing all day.

Tips on What to Wear

When it comes to family portraits, one of the most common questions we get is, “What should we wear?” It’s a tricky decision! Since these photos will last a lifetime, you want to make sure your entire family looks as good as possible. But at the same time, you also want them to look like themselves — not wearing stuffy clothes that make them feel uncomfortable. We always recommend wearing clothing that makes you feel and look your best, which can be different for every person. Here are a few other wardrobe suggestions that photograph beautifully.

fun newquay kids portrait


Make sure your outfits coordinate well with one another. Stick to a colour palette of one or two colours. Matching outfits can look a little dated — coordinated outfits look harmonious and pretty. To make sure all of your outfits go well together, try laying out everyone’s photoshoot outfits together the day before.


Ask your children what they’d like to wear. Asking their opinions will help to make sure they feel comfortable and involved. (Just make sure they know their picks are subject to your final approval — otherwise, you might have a little Spiderman in your family portraits!)


Make sure you dress accordingly. It’ll be chilly during your photoshoot, be sure to have a handy coat nearby to keep warm before and after your turn.

Of Course – If you’re a pet bring your favourite collar!

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A few don'ts:

While what you decide to wear is ultimately up to you and your family, there are a few things that tend not to photograph well.

• Patterns: one or two family members wearing a pattern is okay, but too many patterns tend to clash and draw too much attention.

• White: wearing white tends to wash people out.

• Large logos: graphic tees tend to distract from the most important part of the photo — your beautiful faces!

a display of brightly coloured framed Newquay family photographs


framed print

Printed 16 x 16″ photo collage in a 20 x 20″ frame, ready to hang or wrap up for Christmas!

Only £65

Discounts available on multiple purchases.

One (20 x 20″) framed Print

Two (20 x 20″) framed Prints

Three (20 x 20″) framed Prints

Four (20 x 20″) framed Prints

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