Surprise Proposal

Dave’s epic surprise proposal to Paige on Pentire head, Newquay!

Dave emailed me before his trip to Newquay, staying at the Esplanade Hotel, and explained he needed a little help organising a surprise proposal to Paige. I could here the excitement and urgency in his voice and was delighted that I could advise him on how to fit this into their afternoon plans with Paige and their little dog Woody. They had a reservation at the Fish House which gave him a relatively short window for the surprise proposal. I knew of a spot 20 minutes from their hotel which not only had spectacular views but excellent potential for a couple photo session afterwards to celebrate their special moment.

With the help of Google Maps I planned a detailed route and suggested where Dave should propose. I arrived 1/2 hr before, set myself up and found a lovely vantage point to see and photograph the surprise proposal. As I saw them making their way to the agreed spot for their photographs, at the last minute a young man came out and sat directly in front of the mark! Luckily Dave didn’t react and carried on walking and found a spot equally good just 10-20m further along. I could see the nerves and it felt an age watching Dave on his knee with Paige looking out to sea but as soon as she turned it was amazing! The hand went up in disbelief and tears were flowing. Obviously she said “Yes!” and Dave jumped up for joy. With a lump in my throat and a deep breath I pushed on through to capture this amazing moment. Congratulations Dave & Paige! For the rest of the session there was lots of laughter and they both had beaming smiles from one ear to the next! 

Surprise Proposal 2022
proposal photoshoot with dog

Woody looking very pleased with himself!

Surprise proposal ideas with dog

Surprise proposal

couple who just got engaged
Surprise proposal planner
Surprise proposal planner

Surprise Proposal

We just got home and looked though your photos! They are amazing, Paige is in tears! You were incredible, really professional and was a pleasure to meet you! Thanks again for everything! Truly grateful for all your help! Thanks again Al,
happy couple proposed photography
Dave, Paige & Woody
Surprise Proposal Shoot

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